Mar. 5th, 2011

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As the week has progressed, I've slowly started to feel more like myself again. From getting back into the schedule of how things work around here, to seeing friends and acquaintances that I discovered that I really miss when absent from them for a whole two weeks.

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I just need to remember, now, that green peas are not my friends - that no matter how much I love them, they will rip me apart within 24 hours. :-p Gonna be scrounge supper tonite, because I'm wiped...
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We've come to the end of another tale. I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I did to write it. I can promise you that elements of this tale, as well as elements and characters from "Light Fingers" and "Elladaniel", will be making further appearances in future works, such as "I Dhaerlend Dadui" and "Changeling".

But for now...

In The House of Elrond - Chapter 18 - Epilogue )
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One of the topics rarely touched on is the fate of the land of Orodruin after the fall of Sauron. While working on my Stubborn Limpet, this possible future came to me:

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