Apr. 30th, 2011

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...while I wasn't paying close attention. )

'Til next time...
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One of the interesting things that happened while I was working on the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts was that a trio of stories emerged concerning Gimli in Aman, after he and Legolas sailed. "Gift", a previous entry here, was the first to emerge. A few days later, this piece popped up as a sequel.


Stone's Song )
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This week's drabble - a double - is also from my answers to the Back to Middle-earth prompts. As I mentioned earlier, all of my drabbles, vignettes and stories for B2MEM are part of what I consider my "I Dhaerlend Dadui" story!verse - an overarching and interwoven storyline that starts in the First Age with "Along Came A Spider" and spans the entire timeline of Tolkien's universe, up to the modern Age with "Ghost" and "Comfort" and "The Ties That Bind".

There is one major work that hasn't seen the public light of day yet: "I Dhaerlend Dadui" itself. For that reason, some of the B2MEM prompts won't be posted for a long time. However, some of those I can post offer inklings as to the directions I intend to take with any number of characters. This one being a prime example, written for Day #4 - Mithrim:

Cold Feet )


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