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No, scratch that, I'm terrifited of dentists. Ever since I went in to have a filling replace, told the dentist that I'd developed a high tolerance to Novacain and needed two shots, had him pull a hissy fit after he didn't believe me and started drilling on a tooth that was in no way numbed, give me a VERY painful second shot, throw a magazine at my face and stomped off to wait for the second shot to kick in, I've not gone willingly to any dentist. I don't care how kind, compassionate or gentle they are. Once I get in that chair, I'm dreading the shots, the magazine in the face, and the drilling on a tooth and feeling every rotation of the bit.


Saturday night, Sunday morning, my right lower jaw was on fire. A tooth that was broken and had a hole in it the size of the Grand Canyon had finally decided to start HURTING. Hubby got me to start taking some of his high-end, broad-spectrum antibiotics (that the infectious disease specialist has him keep on hand in case he does something stupid in the grape arbor again and gets his leg infected) and I cancelled everything. I couldn't think, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I was just plain miserable.

Yesterday, I got a referral to "a really nice fellow with good hands and good heart" from one of my friends, and called in. Got a call back too late to see him yesterday, and this morning made the appointment for 11:30. Walked into the office fully expecting to come back out of it with a mouth stuffed with cotton, bleeding from the hole where the tooth used to be.

Instead, I walked out with a referral to an endodontist for a root canal to perhaps save the tooth (and my ability to actually chew food,) thinking that maybe, perhaps, I might have finally found a dentist who doesn't scare me to death. The tooth is slightly abcessed, but the antibiotic is cutting the pain down considerably. AND I discovered that I'd really like to continue to eat real food rather than softie mush.

So, here I sit, putting off calling the endodontist's office and making an appointment for the next few days. No, I promise I'll do it in a little bit; I just wanted to bitch about it to someone.

Life sux sometimes, don't it?


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