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My day was going well - I'd written about 400 new words on the latest chapter of IDD, and I had plans to practice the piano for a minimum of 2 hrs (more on that later) - when, out of the blue, I got a call from the endodontist's office. They'd had a cancelation, could I come in, like, NOW?

Now mind you, my van is currently in the shop getting the master brake cylinder replaced. So, no wheels. The good news was that the endodontist's office is about 1/2 mile away, just up the street. Sooooo... I went in.

The appointment was for an "evaluation". Nobody told me an "evaluation" involved getting half my lower mouth numbed into submission and my bad tooth (the one with the Grand Canyon growing in it) drilled on. She would see if the lower part of the tooth was fractured, she said; and if so, pack it up and send me on to an oral surgeon to have it pulled. Well, I still own a tooth, so I guess I've had half of a root canal process done on me.

Actually, considering everything, it wasn't so bad. She was about as gentle as anybody I've ever had work on my mouth in doing the numbing shots, and did enough numbing shots that I suspect that I won't feel anything until morning. Nice lady. I almost wish she were a dentist, rather than an endodontist. I'd go to her. Ah well. The dentist that referred me to her was also gentle, so I'm hoping I may finally start feeling capable of dealing with getting my teeth cared for on a more regular basis.

And at least, at the end of all this, I will still be able to chew real food. Lemme tell ya, chewing at the front of my mouth has been no picnic; and facing a future of having to either do that or spend a mint on partials was very depressing!

As for the piano, I'm playing for the service at the Theosophical Temple on Sunday, and I need to work up some Mendelssohn. Doing a couple of Caprices and a Kinderstück, as well as a fun (but difficult) piece called "Duet". Need to play for about 15 to 20 minutes before the service. Haven't practiced much lately, so was really banking on putting in a couple of hours today and tomorrow and Saturday so I won't sound like crap on Sunday.

Practicing at home, now that my piano's unencumbered from all the crud and other furniture in front of it during the renovations, means teaching my cat to leave me alone. There's absolutely nothing more disruptive to the concentration process than jealous kitty sinking a claw into the back of my arm to tell me, "It's time to pay attention to me, Mom."

We'll see how well I feel a little later, because I really do want to practice. But at the moment, I'm feeling sorry for myself with my lower right lip feeling like it's dragging on the floor, the right half of my tongue feeling like a huge wad of something else, and my jaw downright aching from that bite brick they put in my mouth to keep it open.

Such fun.
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