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Not long ago, I ended up writing a crack!fic drabble as a gift for [ profile] dreamflower02. I should be shot for this...

With apologies to Monty Python:

Surprise! )
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As I said, B2MEM gave me another opportunity to find a few characters who normally don't get much exposure. This week's Little Bit - a tribble (no, not the Star Trek furry pest, but a triple-drabble of exactly 300 words) does exactly that.

Waste )
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Another Back-to-Middle-earth-Month prompt brought about this double-drabble, this time the Day #20 prompt from Erebor. This is a sequel of sorts to my previous story, "Foundlings"

A New Land, A New Life )
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This week's drabble - a double - is also from my answers to the Back to Middle-earth prompts. As I mentioned earlier, all of my drabbles, vignettes and stories for B2MEM are part of what I consider my "I Dhaerlend Dadui" story!verse - an overarching and interwoven storyline that starts in the First Age with "Along Came A Spider" and spans the entire timeline of Tolkien's universe, up to the modern Age with "Ghost" and "Comfort" and "The Ties That Bind".

There is one major work that hasn't seen the public light of day yet: "I Dhaerlend Dadui" itself. For that reason, some of the B2MEM prompts won't be posted for a long time. However, some of those I can post offer inklings as to the directions I intend to take with any number of characters. This one being a prime example, written for Day #4 - Mithrim:

Cold Feet )
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And the drabble this week is in response to the B2MEM prompt for Day #10 - Gondolin.

Broken )
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OK, so maybe I need to post just a little bit of angst today. Drabbles tend to lend themselves to that so well...

Reflections )
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And for my weekly drabble...

Warning Signs )
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One of the topics rarely touched on is the fate of the land of Orodruin after the fall of Sauron. While working on my Stubborn Limpet, this possible future came to me:

Transformation )
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Just a real quick glance at what had to be a pivotal scene that we never got to see.

Homecoming )
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One of the really fun things about having written all these drabbles is the opportunity they gave me to explore some of the supporting cast of characters that don't normally get a whole lot of "air-time". This is another one that takes a look at the ending of the Age of the Elves from a perspective not often heard from.

Looking Forward )
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I have tackled this moment in time before, and to be honest, I'm not certain which version came first. I suspect this one. However, it is a very pivotal moment in time for the two characters involved, a very potent field for some speculation, given that the Professor said very little about what actually transpired other than simply that it happened.

The Final Farewell )
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This little snippet comes from a bit further along in my IDD!verse timeline, and in Gondor rather than Aman. Enjoy.

Shieldmaiden )
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It's been a while since I've posted one of these - and I'm sorry I lapsed over December. I hope you enjoy this one...

Arrival )
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I don't think I've seen anybody tackle this before...

Homesick )
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And now for this week's drabble:

Restoration )
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And now, for this week's drabble offering:

Lies )
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Don't ask my what my Muse was thinking about here. She was in a very strange mood that day.

Keeping Tradition )
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And for your drabble-reading pleasure today...

Revenge )
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This is the result of a plot bunny that worried me, munched down on my ankle, pushed me into writing over 1000 words of a short story - only to decide it wanted to fit itself into a double-drabble instead. What I'm gonna do with the 1000+ words of short story is anybody's guess; at this point, I could turn it into a piece of original fiction, as I've not touched on anything that clearly belongs to Tolkien's legendarium. OK, so if someone were really literate on the descriptions of the setting, they might be able to noodle out exactly where this is taking place - but it would be only with circumstancial evidence.

I may just do that.

In the meanwhile, however, enjoy:

Once Treasured )
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And this week's drabble, which in turn has sparked a double-drabble that will appear here one of these weekends:

Training )


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