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OK - I vented my spleen plenty last Saturday at the expense of the LOTRFF archive. I am now here to eat my words - more or less - and do it gladly.

Over the week, I spent time communicating with the admin of that archive, Adora (no idea if she's on LJ or not) and, to my very great surprise, found her a very approachable, very reasonable person who worked very hard to help me solve my log-in issues. I've dealt with archive admins before (or, rather, been beat over the head, ignored or just generally abused by archive admins before) but never before with one who carried out the duties of her position with such grace, skill and patience. So I take back all the bad stuff I wrote about LOTRFF. Adora and I continue to scratch our respective heads over why, on my system, all story texts come out center-justified, but that is something I can live with (especially knowing that my system is the only screwy one that displays them in that manner.)

That said (and now that my conscience is clear,) here is the final chapter to this tale. Something tells me I'm gonna be re-reading The Silmarillion for more tales either left with endings up in the air or which Tolkien told only in the barest, most minimal terms. Not to mention I'll start digging through HoME too now. What a huge mythos is at my feet!!

Anyhoo... enjoy!

Foundlings - Chapter 4 - News )
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I hate some fanfiction archives. Today, the bulk of my ire is for LOTRFF, which has, in its infinite wisdom, decided that my log-in ID and password will NOT let me access my stories so I can update them. Considering that everything I see at that site is centered - story text included (and on all stories, not just mine) I'm just about ready to bail from there.

Then there's SWG, which simply won't let me log in anymore. At all. I have a story (this one, as a matter of fact) that belongs there. Can I post it? Nope.

Finally there's OSA, at which I'm going to have to go through and manually tag all my italics with brackets [ ] rather than the regular HTML marks < >. It's a PITA, and that's the site where the admins are downright ugly to anybody who makes innocent mistakes.

Yes, I post to HASA, but I really don't like their new interface, and the fact that I have to go through the entire story text every time taking out the frelling extra spaces between paragraphs. Used to be that those only appeared when one went to edit; now, some horse's ass has decided to inflict that on ALL text.

All in all, this makes me weep for the state of fan fiction, when the one and only archive that seems to be in working order and/or doesn't mess with me is FFN. How sad is that?


OK, now that I have that off my chest, here's the next chapter of this one. Enjoy!

Foundlings - Chapter 3 - Strangers )
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Yes, I know. I really need to do the last two cards for the advent calendar challenge. I'll get to them, I promise! But Gilraen (from In The House of Elrond) has been pushing very hard to get at least the chapter I finished today done. It was a biggie, with lots of character growth/change.

Anyway, I thought I'd start today's posting with the next chapter of Foundlings. Enjoy.

Foundlings - Chapter 2 - Discoveries in the Snow )
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This is one of those open-ended stories that Tolkien left in the Silmarillion that I felt had to be told: whatever happened to the twin sons of Dior during and/or after the sack of Menegroth by the sons of FĂ«anor?

Foundlings - Chapter 1 - Abandoned )


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