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I thought I'd give LJ another chance to see if I could upload the pics of what we did to my living and dining rooms lately.

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And so now you know just what it was that kept me from posting two weekends ago.
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The living/dining room renovations are winding down - at long last.

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On April Fools Day, my hubby and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.

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On the writing front, this past week saw me successfully complete the Back to Middle-earth Month set of prompts, having managed to write something for each and every day of March. I've decided that I'll be posting those bits that don't give away anything that's upcoming in any of my WIPs, starting today. So some of those prompts will get an airing.

Finally, as promised to my friend [ profile] engarian, a picture of the coastline. Specifically, this picture is the work of daughter, Súl, who took a vacation and drove up the coast to the Big Sur area south of Carmel. I loved it enough that it was for years the wallpaper on my desktop here. I'm thinking one day I need to either get one of those digital picture frames or get it printed out on giclee or something. Some of these shots are truly magnificent!

Oh yea, have I said lately how I live in Paradise?

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Hope that helps soothe the desire for the seacoast, [ profile] engarian...
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I've told you folks a few times that I live in Paradise. Part of Paradise is living on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. I know that I enjoy seeing the pics some of you post from your cameras, I hope that you enjoy a teenie bit of reciprocation.

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