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This is another bit from my Back To Middle-earth Month offerings, a tribble, submitted for Day #21: Mirkwood:

"We were young, we were merry, we were very, very wise. And the door stood open at our feast. When there passed us a woman with the West in her eyes, And a man with his back to the East." - Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

The words West and East are often used in the works of Tolkien. Write a story or poem or create an artwork that uses these words as the central focus, whether as cardinals, regions or as metaphors.

Faramir quickly decided that while one marketplace normally sounded very much like the next, this one had a flavor all its own. Here one could find silks from northern Rhudaur in one stall, a selection of spices that came from lands far to the South and East in the next, and dwarves selling tools and weapons in the next again. The sound of accents and languages from every possible corner of Middle-earth assailed his ears with the music of commerce.

From the open doors of inns filtered music both familiar and alien, with sounds of flute and harp competing at times with strains from instruments that he couldn't picture in his mind. And the colors! He would never have imagined so many colors of fabrics that it put a rainbow to shame. The scent of foods, familiar, unfamiliar, savory and plain, made his mouth water.

Most strikingly, the faces surrounding him were an interesting mix of pale and ruddy, light and so dark as to be completely black. It was as if all of humanity had converged on this fledgling community, each bringing with it the wealth of history and culture and tradition to contrast and compete in a way that was altogether pleasing, entirely addictive.

What an splendid alternative to war!

Elessar's idea to put a trading post where the Harad Road crossed the Poros River was a stroke of genius. Surely both East and West would benefit greatly! He was glad Aragorn had sent him to see how well his idea was faring; and he also wondered if he had enough specie in his coinpouch to purchase gifts for his wife and children.

With a smile of anticipation, he turned back to barter with the seller offering silks who had a bolt of green that Éowyn would love…

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