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It has been a relatively good week - so far. I have gotten some writing done - more on IDD's next chapter, a sequel to "Ghost" has been beta'ed, I've even tinkered with "Strange Melodies" a bit - and then, it happened. My Silmarillion Muse, who looks suspiciously like a very large, very scary and very determined spider (I know this because she took up housekeeping with me a while back) decided that the time had come for me to write the untold story of Dior's twin sons, Eluréd and Elurín. The first chapter of that is now being run past the gauntlet of The Lizard Council and In The Hall of Fire for concrit and commentary, and I have a healthy start on chapter 2. I'm actually pleased with the progress I've made on this.

And I tell you all this so that you don't freak out on me when I tell you that this is the last chapter of In The Hidden Valley. No, I don't intend to write a sequel to it either (although, considering the capricious character of my Muse, I don't dare rule it out.) And so, without further ado:

Epilogue )
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Well, evidently my Muses (both of them) don't like pressure. Since waving my white flag at NaNo, I have about 3/4s of a new chapter of I Dhaerlend Dadui written (and one I've been dreading!) If it weren't so cold, and my arm so achey, I'd have put in almost 8 hrs on the piano, rather than just 3.5.

Ah well...

Here's the next chapter of this:

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 9 - Decisions )
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Here's the next chapter of this one...

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 8 - What To Do? )
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It's Halloween, October 31, and only a few hours left before most of my creative efforts will be aimed in the direction of pumping out an original novel for the NaNo this year. I only got about 10k words into last year's idea before my Muse dried up on me, so it will be interesting to see if I can pull it off properly this time.

The plot for this one has been rattling around in the back of my mind for a couple of years, and I even attempted at start at it a while back. This time around, I've done a bit of research on the science of what would happen to the remains of our civilization if WE were taken out of the picture; I've done a bit of world-building in my note-taking program; and I have the rough idea (aka. a VERY vivid dream) of what the major thrust of the story will be about. It's an epic - this NaNo will be about getting a goodly share of the first volume actually written down. Good luck, me!

Thank heavens I have stuff set aside to keep you folks happy on weekends for a while. Here's the next chapter of this one, where things happen that we've all known needed to happen.

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 7 - The Truth )
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It has been a trying week, but there's only one more day of it to go before we can start on a whole new trying week.

Bill saw the Social Security doctor today. He still has the cardiac arrhythmia (sp? Steel?) and all the other problems he's been fighting. The doctor questioned his use of a cane. "Why do you use a cane?" "So I don't lose my balance and fall." "Do you fall a lot?" "No, I use the cane." D'uh!! A medical degree, evidently, isn't proof against stupidity. No matter - as long as this exam (and the mental one he had last month) proves that he really is disabled.

Then, on Monday, I get to wrestle with Social Security regarding disability for #1 son as well. It seems that there is a law that if one doesn't apply for every available penny from every possible government program, the payments from those programs one does qualify for will be turned off. (If somebody could explain that one to me, I'd appreciate it!!) Mind you, the amount we'd get from this would be virtually negligible - but the government says we MUST get it, come Hell or High Water.

Bureaucracy sucks.

On a more hopeful note, my brother actually had a job interview this past week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this means he'll be able to get back to work. I sure would like to see someone's financial woes lessen!!

OK. Enough kvetching. Here's the next chapter of this one. Enjoy!

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 6 - In Hot Water )
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An interesting week overall. Sunday saw my youngest son marry his lady in a lovely venue situated up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. The drive up there (it was over 300 miles from here to there) was even more boring than usual; seems there's water politics going on in the Central Valley that has about half the orchards along the way dead as doornails. Highway 5 is not my favorite route to begin with, but we wanted to get there in time... so...

The entire day (once we got there) would have been perfect had it not been 103° - and the wedding held out of doors. What was more, guests were asked to be present at least one half hour ahead of time - so we stood or sat and wilted in the heat for a significant time before things got started. My hubby, whose health is not good in the best of times, had to be driven back to the motel directly after the ceremony so that he wouldn't collapse from heat prostration. He missed the dinner, toast, cake, bouquet/garter, and dancing. I managed to get back from delivering him to the motel in time to scarf down a dinner, ended up getting my champagne stolen by the caterers clearing the tables without asking if we were done with our drinks, dancing a wonderful dance with my son, and then driving the rest of our group back to the motel.

Monday saw me making the executive decision to take an alternate route home. I'd be damned if all I'd see that day was dead grass and dead orchards. I told Maraya later that I'd found where we could spend a weekend roadtrip this next spring - IF we decide not to go to AZ to the Renaissance Faire, that is.

I've spent the better part of the week getting over being exhausted from two days of driving for over 6 hours. Bill's legs did well in the SUV that Maraya rented in order to convince him to go (his doctors really don't want him traveling very much). Having gone to university in Fresno for three years, I now remember again why we moved to the coast after our marriage. Oy!

All this as prologue to the next chapter of In the Hidden Valley. Enjoy!

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 3 - The Morning After )
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I'm trying to get this done before this evening, because I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to drive over 300 miles to the wedding resort at which my #2 son and his fiancé are getting married. I'm sure it's going to be lovely, and all that, but... well... This past week has been a zoo. I was sick as a dog yesterday and the day before from something I ate that normally doesn't bother me. At least I don't have to drive those 300 miles sick and/or drug out from not being able to sleep.

Anyhoo, here is the second chapter of this. Enjoy.

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 2 - Not What Was Expected )
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Another week has come and gone, and the time has come to unveil my newest story. I had lots of fun writing this, although it was grueling because it came all at once and VERY fast. I hope you enjoy it.

This one is entitled In the Hidden Valley. A short summary:

A single glimpse of mysterious buildings in a remote forest brings a grieving woman on a journey to a place she could never have imagined - and an adventure beyond her dreams.

And so, without further ado:

In the Hidden Valley - Chapter 1 - Discovery )


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