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Another week has come and gone. My writing has progressed sporatically: I've finished another chapter each on "I Dhaerlend Dadui" and "Changeling" (the sequel to "Elladaniel" - yes, I'm finally working on that one.) I also have a sequel to what I thought was a one-shot called "Return" called "Sacrifices" that is just about through the beta/concrit stage. No new drabbles lately, though.

With that, let me begin my weekend postings with the next chapter of In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 5 - Exchanges )
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It's a chilly day today; the night/morning fog didn't really burn off completely. Another week come and gone. It seems like time either flies by so fast that one barely notices it, or it crawls past so slowly as to barely seem to move at all. In our house, the kids are now in the middle of planning what they intend to do for Halloween. We have a reputation for being the neighborhood "Haunted House" to uphold, after all. Sounds like this year's theme will be a cross between "The Morgue" and "The ER, complete with body (and toe tag), disembodied head (that looks around every once in a while), nurses asking the kids where they hurt, offering candy in exchange for body parts, and other hijinx. It can be so funny to sit back in the dark and watch the drama just outside the door.

I'm sure I'll have more details as they are finalized.

In the meanwhile, here's the next chapter of In The Hidden Valley - enjoy!

In The Hidden Valley - Chapter 4 - Learning More )


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