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Considering the recent silence from the fellow who kicked up a hornet's nest by purchasing the Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Archive site on the sly (apparently the deal went through in April and it took until July for either the former owner or the new owner to come clean about it) I've not said much myself about the issue lately.

One of the really good things that happens when someone comes in an blunders about in a manner that makes all the LOTR fandom angry (very politely so, in this case) is that someone will write something so spectacular that it deserves rebroadcast. For me, this was when [ profile] caras_galadhon wrote her A Love Letter to LOTR. In this letter, written from the perspective of a fandom insider, I found everything that I have ever felt or thought about fandom spelled out with passion and clarity.

However, comma...

One last vent under the cut )

I don't know whether to thank you or curse you, Keith Mander. I tend toward the latter, frankly...
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I have no idea if you have been using LOTRFF as your archive, but you should be aware that it has been sold to someone who wants to turn it into a for-profit enterprise. Aside from the obvious violation of the "Fan Fiction is a NOT-for-profit activity", and/or the potential mine-field involved in a tussle with the Tolkien Estate over the revenues, I personally have a great deal of trouble with the idea that this guy essentially intends to make money for HIMSELF through the use of MY hard work.

Here's his blog, where he talks about it:

Note that I speak up, and that I'm less than happy about his plans.

I have deleted all my stories from LOTRFF, as I hadn't posted to that archive in a while (long story - in essence, I got reamed for not responding to a review as quickly as the reviewer wanted me to) and so feel this as not much of a loss. But some of my friends have used LOTRFF as their main archive for years.

Just thought you all should know. FanLib kerfluffle, Take Two, anybody? :-p

A huge hug of thanks to [ profile] nierielraina for bringing this to my attention.
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The Tolkien fandom has an aspect that is, frankly, both puzzling and frustrating to me: the insistence on a writer being obligated to respond to reader reviews. As you can tell, I'm not terribly fond of the whole idea.

Ranting about fandom expectations under the cut )

Sorry. I just had to get that out. Hope I didn't offend anybody.
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Those who read my LJ for fan fiction only might want to skip this one, because this entry is going to be an author (who currently writes fan fiction with the aim of eventually breaking into the actual business end of writing for profit) moaning and groaning about the trials and tribulations of trying to get feedback.

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