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And this week sees the final chapter of this story. Hope you enjoyed it.

Spoils of War - Chapter 14 - Epilogue )
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Here's the next to the last chapter of this one...

Spoils of War - Chapter 13 - A Dose of Reality )
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Here's the latest update on this one:

Spoils of War - Chapter 12 - Dance )
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Here is today's update of this one...

Spoils of War - Chapter 11 - Discussions )
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Inzilanî's troubles never seem to end, do they? Well, here's the next chapter...

Spoils of War - Chapter 10 - Hitting Bottom )
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Here is the next installment of this one. Ride gets a bit bumpy again...

Spoils of War - Chapter 9 - The Last Straw )
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Now, for the fan fiction!

Here is the next bit of this one.

Spoils of War - Chapter 8 - Slipping )
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Well, JJ's Social Security funding is flowing again, at last. To celebrate – and because his chances of taking his brother and sister-in-law out to lunch are getting fewer by the day (they head off to Oregon on the 5th of next month) we went out to Fat Cat's. It's windier than all get-out right on the ocean, and we hit during the lunch rush.

This is one eatery that isn't going to go out of business very fast, I tell you! It's a very comforting thing to see how their patronage – both from the locals and from the tourists – keeps them hopping. The food's good too, which helps! BIG portions (I brought home half of mine because I was stuffed, and so did everybody else!) and good service too.

Wish it would decide if it's gonna rain or be nice weather. Hubby is out "following the lawn mower" again, while the skies look either like they're clearing (if you look in one direction) or like the storm's moving in (if you look in the other.) The breeze is chilly, so I gotta keep doors & windows closed lest my bronchitis kick up again. Lathron is helping Súl getting her apartment painted; today's tasks are to paint the ceiling tile runners and work on the accent panels of the living room walls. The place is certainly going to look very different from the way her grandparents had it for so long.

OK. Enough yammering. Here's the next chapter of this one. Enjoy!

Spoils of War - Chapter 7 - Object of Interest )
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Here is the next part of this. Enjoy!

The Spoils of War - Part 6 - Arrival )
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It's been a long week.

Our 40 cu. ft dumpster is plumb full - and on Monday I'll have to call to have this one hauled off and another (same size) delivered. Living 46 years in the same place sure does allow the crud and garbage to mount up!! But most of the garden clean-up has gone into this dumpster, so the next one will be detritus from garage and house. A whole mini-van full was delivered to the rummage sale too - and hubby and #2 son have made 3 (count em - 3!) runs to the dump with small electrical gizmo-gadgets that the dumpster people don't want to have to handle. Hubby says that he'll have a load of haz-mats to go next weekend too - seems my dad saved old oil and paints. Such fun!

Súl (my daughter) has everything down from all the walls in the apartment, in preparation for painting the whole place. Her boss knows interior decorating and helped her settle on colors for each of the 4 rooms. I still need to go through the fancy hutch cabinet and sort the "keep it" cut glass and antique stuff from the "chuck it" glassware easily replaced from WalMart and/or more pack-rat items - but that's the end of going through parental crud in their old place. After that, it's sorting through the parental crud we've been living around in the main part of the house for all these years. At last, we'll be free of it (it says in the fine print)!!

I've even had #2 son clean out the greenhouse, so that if I really want to, I could go back to raising orchids (like I used to.) The gas heater in there doesn't work, but I'm not certain it needs to *that* much. For the most part, it just doesn't get that cold around here, and it's enclosed enough to hold in some residual heat from the sunlight. We'll see. I find it interesting that I'm finally starting to think of taking care of plants again. I used to love my orchids and houseplants - but simply didn't have time for them while raising 3 kids and then caring for 2 elderly parents. The old orchids - including a vanilla vine - are all dead. I'll have to start all over again, which is probably just as well.

Enough chitty-chat. Here's what you're probably here to read: the next part of Spoils. Enjoy.

The Spoils of War - Part 4 - Nightmares )
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My house is a wreck. We got the kids (L&L - son & DiL) moved into Súl's (daughter's) bedroom, and Súl into the apartment - took most of last Sunday to do all the furniture switcheroo'ing. We have our dumpster outside now and a quarter full (mostly because it's been raining here a lot, and we aren't gonna haul stuff out and get drenched.)

My folks - the One bless them and keep them - were packrats!!!!! We discovered this when we first "cleaned out" the apartment two and a half years ago to make room for L&L to move in, ostensibly to take care of Mom's aging cat. We're even more convinced of it now that we're going through all the stuff I just couldn't put myself through back when. Decks of cards, address lables from various charities, twist-ties and bread-bag-clamps. I tell ya: I'm learning what NOT to leave for MY kids when they have to go through MY stuff someday!!

Anyway, my sofa is covered with stuff going to a rummage sale. We aren't halfway through the garage yet, about 1/2 the way through the apartment, and haven't really starting with the rest of the house. The job of just generally getting rid of crud is overwhelming. Hopefully, when the dust settles, my life will be much less cluttered with "stuff".

All this in prelude to the next chapter of Spoils of War. Enjoy.

Spoils of War - Chapter 3 - Movement )
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Well, this week saw the end of the peace and quiet in my house for a while. Son & daughter-in-law will be moving out of the apartment and into daughter's bedroom, while she will be taking over the apartment (finances being a key issue in this necessity) and so stuff shifting from one end of the place to the other is going to be quite unsettling for a while. It's a good thing I'm not seriously being pushed on anything at the moment.

Daughter definitely wants me working on Original Fiction (or O-fic, in the jargon) and I have a novel about 3/4s done in first draft that she gave me five hours worth of concrit on, including extensive brainstorming aimed at helping me finish the darned thing. Yes, I do need to do this. No, I'm not certain my Muse wants to cooperate. But everytime I start skimming those 12 pages worth of hand-written notes, the Muse perks up her ears a little. We'll have to see.

All of that as prelude to today's offering: the second chapter of The Spoils of War. Enjoy!

The Spoils of War - Chapter 2 - Chains )
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Well, this week sees me taking a step I'd only been contemplating: creating my own personal archive website for my writings. It will include all of my Tolkien fics, a few of my original fics, and will link to another site (eventually) that will hold my fics for the other fandoms I used to write for under another author ID. There isn't anything really posted as yet story-wise, and I need to review how to do links in HTML, but here's the URL so any who are interested can keep track of what I'm doing on a number of fronts. There's a Comments box at the bottom of the index page for any feedback on the site itself, if things work or don't work for you, etc. Lemme know what you think, if you visit, OK?

My new site is called Bennas Aeärwen, which is Sindarin for Aeärwen's Corner. The URL for it is:

I finally just about have this one all the way through the beta and concrit process, so I feel comfortable in starting to post it. This story came at me very fast, much the same way In the Hidden Valley came at me. It is a much darker piece, and there will be chapters that will be under Adult Content lock later on.

The summary for the story is: In Mirkwood, at the end of the War of the Ring, a stranger in a strange land struggles to find a new place among beings taught to be fearsome and cruel. Rating will go up in later chapters.

And so, without further ado, I present Spoils of War - Chapter 1 - Spoils )


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