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I dunno why he pulls this at this time of year...

Ranting about Men, Sick Men, and their ideosycracies under the cut )

And it's still raining - that makes two solid days of it so far. I'm tired of it - even though it means that we will definitely have green hills for Yule/New Years. Heck, we had greenish hills for Thanksgiving, and that hasn't happened around here since the first few winters I lived here 46 yrs ago.


The Universe can smile on me again anytime now.

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Where did the year go?

semi-maudlin ramblings under the cut )

Eh. I guess this is what happens when I don't post in here for a couple of weeks, huh?

Sorry about that, folks.


Aug. 29th, 2010 09:52 am
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My mom, rest her soul, thought up the concept of "corking". Her explanation for it: "a wine cork serves a useful purpose just by doing nothing but sitting there." That's what I've been doing a lot lately - and I'm trying to become a little more actively useful.

I've rediscovered my love of beading, thanks to a gift necklace given to my daughter for which she wanted matching earrings and a set of old (as in heirloom) earrings for which she wanted a necklace made to match. So... I now have two bracelets and a string of what I call "happy beads" (very shiny & sparkly, and all different colors) to my own name.

I also have some ideas for some bas relief pieces that I'd like to do, and Hubby presented me with two pieces of scrap wood on which to practice. My dad had an old Dremel that I'll use along with a chisel, as soon as I have the design penciled onto the wood.

Add to that the need - and finally the ambition - to start arranging music for the Theosophical Temple in Halcyon that was requested of me a while back. The Guardian handed me this sheaf of hand-wrought music & invited me to modify it for the little choir. After a telephone call this week to make certain how much latitude I had in messing with it (after all, if it was someone's sacred cow, I'd better preserve as much of it as possible, yes?) only to be told "nobody's heard this stuff for ages - call it 'creative license'," I'm about 3/4s done with the new arrangement of the first piece. With luck, the choir will start rehearsing it later this afternoon.

And finally, I'm slowly getting back into the habit of doing light housekeeping, a little every day. I'm certain our horrible dust problem will ease when we have new carpeting, so I'm also chipping away at going through books & stuff that has accumulated over the last 20-some-odd years and throwing everything away that really has no intrinsic or sentimental value whatsoever. I'm no longer keeping stuff just because Mom gave it to me, you see. And so my house is starting to reflect my changing attitude.

Corking is OK, when it's all one has the energy for.

I'm glad I'm finally moving on to something else.
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...and #1 son, JJ, has discovered that Mom (that's me) is only going to let him spend $100 on fireworks. Personally, I'd just as soon he didn't waste the money; but it's his money to waste, and he does love to set the stuff off at the end of the driveway each year. He may be missing his brother when he does it this year, however.

I'm also coming up from another attack of whatever the hell it is that kicks my digestion into spaz mode. Usually it only takes a day to get over, but this one is a little worse than that: it's been three days now, and I'm only barely back to eating "normal" food. I may have to be very careful when I eat peppers. I know I'm allergic to cayenne (that makes me deathly ill) and jalapeƱos make my mouth burn and my lips swell; but I'm starting to think I may have to take it very easy when it comes to simple green bells. That SO sucks!!

The plumber made another appearance here this week, and except for replacing any leftover cast iron plumbing under the house, I think we've just about fixed all the plumbing issues around here. Leaky faucets, toilets, replumbing under the kitchen sink (getting rid of a garbage disposal that hasn't worked in years and is no longer wanted, as we now compost) and removing a non-standard gas line out to the old greenhouse (which we've decided to demolish when we get our next dumpster.) The next big-money item to be tackled will be re-carpeting the living and dining rooms. Our current, 40+ year old carpet is literally falling apart and too fragile to vaccuum anymore. That will come sometime in the next couple of months, methinks. I'm getting tired of living in a place that looks ratty because of the floors.


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