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And this is this week's story offering, again from my B2MEM collection. Written for Day #19 - Rivendell.

Meeting Heroes )
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One of the interesting things that happened while I was working on the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts was that a trio of stories emerged concerning Gimli in Aman, after he and Legolas sailed. "Gift", a previous entry here, was the first to emerge. A few days later, this piece popped up as a sequel.


Stone's Song )
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This week's offerings are again from the Back to Middle-earth Month prompts. The first was written for the Day #7 prompt - Belegost.

Gift )
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Life goes on. Here's another of the drabbles I wrote a while back.

Not A Request )
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This story sat 3/4s complete on my hard drive for almost eight months, during which time I joined my online writers workshop at the Garden of Ithilien. By the time my Muse decided she wanted to finish the thing, I had learned a lot as a writer. But, that said, it was the "Machete Drill Team" at the Garden that helped me turn this from a run-of-the-mill tale into a much deeper exploration of some issues rarely touched in fan fiction. My gratitude to them runs very deep. Enjoy this encounter between Gimli and Thranduil.

You Take My Heart )


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